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Digital Exhibition For Car Service Center
Digital Exhibition For Car Service Center


In order to help automobile service centers to alleviate sales pressure, for the first time in automobile industry, LinTian YuanDa Group estabished a tech company to offer a complete digital landing solutions for the sales and daily operation of automobile service centers, which manages the entire process of automobile consumption from network architecture, intelligence algorithms, customer experiences, and etc.



In 2015, LinTian Group began to explore Science and Technology Solutions for automobile industry. In 2017, for the project of 'YueXiang' by GAC, LinTian YuanDa Group participated as the digital supplier. The digital products were highly recognized by GAC.


In order to maximize the advantage of street frontage, maximize the use of natural flow of people, reduce the cost of publicity, give customers a deep impression and increase the probability of customers buying cars, LinTian YuanDa Group made a holographic window for GAC


In order to reduce the car service centers building costs and improve the customer experience, for the first time, LinTian YuanDa Group provided a new model of mini digital experience store for GACNE. It significantly reduced floor space and store construction costs, while also solving the car service centers stores sales consultant's technical pressure. Real-time sales data statistics can be usde to quickly find sales leads.


In 2017, customized digital furniture for FAW Hongqi was highly recognized by the chairman - Xu Liuping, chairman of FAW Group